Teen Therapy

Birch Tree Psychology specializes in treating anxiety, depression, anger, and emotional instability in teens.

We have extremely effective treatments for the multitude of Anxiety Disorders that so many teens are dealing with including: school phobias, separation anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), social anxiety, and specific phobias (ie: needles, blood, animals, death). Our staff has conducted research on Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and helps adolescents to develop cognitive and behavioral strategies, using CBT, to manage their school performance and social lives. Our team has an extraordinary ability to connect with pre-teens and teenagers, even those who are resistant to engaging in therapy.

Birch Tree Psychology works with adolescents who are depressed, angry, and oppositional. Adolescence is an especially challenging time for many people. The stress of school and the pressure to balance so much can place undo stress on teens. We help them learn techniques to handle the stressors in their life.

 Adolescents can be an especially challenging time for daughters and their mothers. It can be empowering, as well as bring peace to the family when an adolescent girls has a deep sense of self-worth. We are dedicated to improving the self-image and self-worth of adolescent girls who too often devalue themselves. Additionally, Our staff has conducted research on cutting and other self-injurious behavior and Dr Brittany Ryan-Berzins is an expert in the treatment of girls who resort to self-injury to cope with their feelings. Read more about cutting.

Intervention to address depression, anxiety, ADHD, and increase coping skills leads to lower rates of substance use and abuse, higher school achievement, and more stable relationships. Teenagers are beginning to develop a stable sense of self and it is essential to resolve psychological issues at this stage of life so they perceive themselves as happy, positive, and valuable adults. We can help your teen feel more in control of their emotions and learn concrete strategies to cope better. Call us today!

teen therapy
teen therapy

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