Birch Tree Psychology

Specializing in Therapy for Children, Adults, and Families

Therapy Services

At Birch Tree Psychology we provide individual, couples/ marriage counseling, and group therapy as well as seminars on Positive Psychology, Parenting, and Helping your Family Thrive to schools and other community organizations. Psychologists at Birch Tree Psychology are experts at treating depression, stress, and anxiety.

Therapy Services

At Birch Tree Psychology we integrate insight oriented therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy to tailor treatment to each individual?s needs. One goal of the initial consultation is to evaluate current issues to determine the most effective treatment approach. In addition, we evaluate if there is a good fit between the patient and the psychologist. We believe that a positive working relationship is needed for therapy to be effective.

We have training and experience with the following issues:

Adult Therapy

Adjustment issues
Fears/ Phobias
Relationship problems
Parenting issues
Issues related to pregnancy

Child/Adolescent Therapy

Separation anxiety
Fears/ Phobias
Adjusting to changes in the family
School Issues
Improving social skills
Improving self esteem
Anger management
Behavioral issues

Parent Coaching

Dr. Ryan-Berzins provides Parent Coaching to help parents find new strategies to raise challenging children. At times parents find that they are putting forth a great deal of effort to address behavioral or emotional issues with their children and not getting the results that they expect or desire. Dr. Ryan-Berzins provides Parent Coaching at these times to help parents better understand what motivates their child as well as strategies that are most effective for this particular issue.  

Seminars for Schools and Community Organizations

Dr. Berzins and Dr. Ryan-Berzins frequenty speak to schools, children, parents, couples, and other organizations about the Psychology of our Everyday Lives. Their 8 years of post-graduate training taught them how to conduct and consume research. They are excited to spread the newest and most effective research findings from psychology that can be applied to your everyday lives to children, parents, educators, and couples. 

Dr. Berzins and Dr. Ryan-Berzins have a particular interest in Positive Psychology, which focuses on the science of happiness and how to attain it. They incorporate many of these practices into their own lives and are excited to share their knowledge with others. They have found that when individuals incorporate positive psychology techniques into their lives it helps them to thrive rather than merely survive. 

Dr. Berzins and Dr. Ryan-Berzins' seminars on positive psychology are focused on increasing optimism and happiness which has been shown to increase:

Worker satisfaction

Worker morale

Sales success


Resilience to stress


And decreases absenteeism

Furthermore, people with higher levels of happiness:

Live longer

Are less susceptible to illness

Recover at a higher rate from illness

Are more likely to have happy marriages

Have deeper relationships

Have lower blood pressure

Less chance of anxiety and depression

Recover from times of stress more easily