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Ferdinando Palumbo, LCSW

Ferdinando Palumbo, MSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (#44SC05834000). He earned his Masters of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan, one of the foremost institutions for Social Work. Ferdinando Palumbo has worked in private practice treating children, adolescents, and adults. His warm, disarming, and unique style create an accepting, open environment that fosters growth.

Ferdinando Palumbo, LCSW treats individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, and behavioral issues. He has extensive training and experience in Cognitive Behavior Therapy(CBT). He employs CBT to help clients in developing the skills that they need to effectively manage their emotions and behaviors. He uses empirically supported treatments to attain results quickly. Ferdinando Palumbo has a wealth of knowledge and continues to seek out new techniques to most effectively meet the needs of his clients. Additionally, he balances clinical work with a college teaching appointment where he is engaged and committed to helping students thrive.

Fernando Palumbo, LCSW has worked in a variety of settings including: K-12 education settings, a sexual violence resource center, a group practice, and as an in-home therapist. He has extensive experience treating many common treatment concerns including ADHD, depression, anxiety, issues around school performance, and behaviorally challenging youth. Fernando is committed to staying at the cutting edge of evidence based practice to provide his clients with the best treatments. He is firmly of the opinion that providing the best, evidence based treatments is an of the utmost importance for clinical practice.