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Depression Treatment

Depression can look different in different people but the effect is often pervasive. Depression includes a depressed mood (sadness or anger), feelings of hopelessness, difficulty enjoying things, lethargy, and physical pain. Depression impacts individuals feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. The right treatment can alleviate depression and help you or your child return to their life. Our team of gifted mental health professionals have a successful approach to guide you or your loved one out of depression.

Depression is a genuine medical disorder. It impacts people of all ages, gender, race, and socio-economic status. People with many opportunities and loving families can suffer from depression. People often ask, "How can she/he be depressed? They have everything." It is important to understand that depression is not necessarily related to dissatisfaction with one's life. 

At Birch Tree Psychology, our psychologists and cognitive therapists work with individuals to overcome depression. Treatment includes changing habits, behaviors, thoughts, and emotions to return to enjoying life again. We help individuals improve their self-worth, find purpose, and fully engage in their life again. Call today to begin your path to happiness.

BirchTree Psychology

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